We provide investors with a simple, tax-efficient method of saving through a worldwide spread of stock market investments. Favourable for everyone who wants to save regularly, or whenever they have a single lump sum to invest. Investors can choose from a wide range of global funds with tax-free offshore returns.

See, for instance the Premier Savings Plan through our partner RL360 and their Quantum Savings policy.


Quantum is a regular premium off shore savings policy issued in the Isle of Man by RL360 Insurance Company Limited (RL360°). The policy offers the potential for growth over the medium to long term, where its value is linked to the performance of investments funds..

How can I set up my policy?

Quantum can be issued as a life assurance policy or as a capital redemption policy. We will be able to help you decide which option is most appropriate. We can go over these in detail but to highlight the options:

1. The life assurance option is issued on a single life or joint life last death basis.

2. The capital redemption option has no lives assured linked to it.

Once you have decided which option is most appropriate, you can then select how you would like your policy to be structured. To help make your policy as tax efficient as possible, you can divide it into 100 sub-policies. Alternatively, you can have just a single policy. If you do not tell us which option you require, we will automatically issue your Quantum with 100 sub-policies. We can help explain why this might provide tax advantages to you.

What can I invest into?

You will be able to invest in as many funds as you like from a range of UK authorised and international collective investment schemes provided that you or your adviser have registered for online fund switching. Without online access you will be limited to investing each premium paid into a maximum of 10 funds. A full list of available funds can be found in the Investment Guide.

Who is responsible for my fund choices?

You or the company you nominate to act on your behalf. RL360° does not provide investment advice and will not provide you with guidance as to which funds are suitable for you. Quantum is a policy where its value is linked to the funds you choose to invest in. In some cases you may be making decisions yourself or with the aid of your financial adviser, or allowing an investment adviser to make them for you. Quantum empowers you with the ability to access a wide range of different funds from across the globe, but RL360° is not responsible for how those funds are managed, we only reflect their value within your policy.

The final responsibility for fund selection lies with you and your adviser. If the funds selected for your policy reduce in value, this will reduce your policy value and RL360° will not compensate you as a result.